Monday, September 19, 2016

the Mercedes-Benz Nurburg 460 was designed by the legendary Ferdinand Porsche, and it was such a bad seller, they fired him

One of 9 mobile command and fire chief vehicles made to export to Lisbon.

A fire engine Mercedes designed by Porsche for fire fighting... that's incredibly 1st rate obscure, it must be a trivia answer.

It was commissioner Schänker of the Frankfurt fire brigade, who in 1928 performed the first groundbreaking tests with lightweight designs. He had started out by converting an existing vehicle of the Frankfurt professional fire brigade and in 1930 had the superstructures for three new chassis completely made of light alloy. He had opted for the Mercedes-Benz low-floor chassis complete with light-alloy engine hood and fenders. The vehicles created in this way were a fire engine, a carrier for a 24 meter long turntable ladder from Metz, and a hose carrier.

Schänker’s efforts were prompted by the severe vibrations which were caused by heavy-duty fire-fighting vehicles with solid rubber tires at the time.

Daimler-Benz received another large-scale order in 1929. The Portuguese capital Lisbon ordered 26 fire-fighting vehicles due to Lisbon’s topography and the resulting difficulties in obtaining water.

This also applied to the nine mobile command and fire chief vehicles which were based on the elegant Nürburg sportscar. Each carried a 350 liter water tank, 100 meters of pressure hose and a Metz pump that delivered 600 liters of water per minute up to a height of 80 meters.

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