Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the question that was never answered, why a middle class family in Southern California was moved to create a rolling homage to Dutch proto-modernism from a '57 Chevy bus


  1. The trials and tribulations of the bus give an inanimate object character. The bus gathers and delivers the group of individuals as a family group. It provides security and common ground to the group as they travel within it.
    Mondrian, a dutch abstract painter. Created a style all his own. He believed the grid brought harmony and rhythm to the objects contained within.
    In this case the objects held within, are the Partridge Family.

  2. I like to think four years of Art college left me with more than just dead brain cells.

    1. I knew there was some reason you have such a cool personaliity

    2. I had 4 years of high school art, enough to get a glimpse of the cool world of art, and motivate me to find the rest on my own. Have you read "The Arts" by Van Loon? Do you dig Piranesi?

  3. I have to confess, I would be the worst reader of all time. My wife reads A LOT, and she just cant understand why I find it so difficult to sit and read a book.
    I argue, I studied VISUAL arts! We did assignments with red crayons, remember!

    I looked up 'the arts' and know Piranesi. I can see where your coming from. The, at times force feeding of art history has proved to be of value once more.

    One of my prized possesions is a book. That, I SWEAR I will read one day. It's only been on my shelf a good part of 30 years.
    It was hand printed and bound in leather in 1718. 'Senica's Morals by way of Abstract' by Sir Roger Le'Strange Knt.
    I'll read it, I just dont believe in rushing these things.

    I loved Art college. Every day being surrounded by creative people doing creative things. The exposure was wonderful, let alone resourses to the ying yang. I could shoot, process, and print my own C-41(colour neg) and E-6(colour transparencies) up to 10"x8", and print up to 3x1.5 meter colour prints.
    I could make my own Holograms for gods sake!

    Of course today all this is of little value due to the marvelous compromise we accept as digital photography, but the experience is priceless and comes highly recommended.

    I remember being very impressed at one exhibition, A girl was making framed traditional hand stitched needle work panels of porno magazine covers. It sounds more shocking than it was as they took on a comic book kind of appearance.
    Think about it. Way cooler than a Home Sweet Home.

    It would have gone straight to the pool room.(Darryl Kerrigan).

    1. Seneca... so, just a little light reading huh? Jeez! But a 1718 printing of it? Woof. You really found the heart of art college though, the people that are drawn to that environment are terrific. It's similar to the theater people, fun, imaginative, and a blast to talk with. Wow, I didn't even think about the resources, good point, an extensive amount of hardware that is out of touch financially to all but a few rich professionals is common in the college and university labs. I hope you give Van Loon a try someday, he was an incredible writer, with a couple dozen books on a wide variety of topics, and did the art illustations inside the books, himself. Writer, historian, artist... and on so many topics. I've bought and read his books: America, Geography, the Arts, and Lives so far.