Monday, September 19, 2016

Ever stare and drool over a Countach? Ever wonder why some have the wing, and some don't?

That iconic rear wing was purely cosmetic. The Countach actually suffers front axle lift at high speed, and bolting a park bench out back only exacerbates the issue. But customers loved the look, so engineers zeroed out the wing’s angle, rendering it nonfunctional. Designed as a one-off for F1 impresario Walter Wolf, the spoiler wasn’t an official option, either.

 Once it caught on, circa 1976, Lamborghini couldn’t afford to re-homologate the car with a new aero appendage. As a workaround, completed cars were pulled off the assembly line and into the factory parking lot, where employees installed the rear wing—using an electric hand drill—while awaiting dealer transport. The job took about 10 minutes.

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