Thursday, May 05, 2016

Cadillac April 2016 sales: dropped 29% from 2015

in fact, the first four months total is down 12%.

MINI (BMW) was down 12.4% having only sold 4,796 vehicles.

Rolls-Royce (BMW) does not release monthly sales data, but 2015 was their second best year (3,785 hand-built vehicles sold) in their 112-year history, with 2014 being the best ever (4,063 sold).

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  1. I noticed just recently, you had a similar post about Chrysler/Fiat. You usually have labels at the bottom of your posts. You should tag these types of posts too. When you look at them all together, it will be easy to see what's happening.

    I don't know if you've done any posts on what's happening in the sub-prime auto loan market or not, but it's relevant. It's similar to what happened with the housing market in 2008. (and is happening with the housing market all over again right now) They're trying to prop up softening sales by giving loans to people with higher credit risks. As we saw with housing, this only works in the very short term, and only serves to make things worse when the bottom falls out.

    A major economic downturn is just around the corner, and you can see it in auto sales and just about every other durable good. People are buying less, either because they don't have the money or are afraid to spend it.

    There will be an endless stream of stories just like this one during the coming months.

    Oh yeah, one other thing. For any of you out there who have been thinking about buying a classic car - WAIT!!!!! A huge percentage of classic cars are owned by "50 cent millionaires". You know, the kind of people who like to look like they have more money than they actually do. These type of people are always the first ones wiped out in an economic downturn, and non-necessities like classic cars are always the first things they sell in order to stay afloat for another day. The market will flooded by people looking to sell their classic cars for anything they can get. Look for the price of classic cars to fall by 50% or more, within the next year or so.

    1. I could not decide what to label this type of news. Sad... I am usually pretty good with the labels

    2. How about TEOTWAWKI?