Friday, May 06, 2016

1928 Buick with history

this 1928 Buick was very interesting as it started out as a 4 door sedan, but a local farmer had converted it into a pickup. The thing that was unique about this car was that the farmer had scribed every load of grain etc. he must have hauled in it all over the body with a nail through the paint. It was unbelievable the dates and loads that were in the right time frame all over this old Buick.


  1. This was probably converted during WW2. The reason was a non priority passenger car got an "A" rationing card that wad only good for 3 gallons of gas a week. A truck got a "B" card which was considered commercial, so a lot of old 4 door sedans got converted. This one was a good job. Most just got the portion behind the front doors cut off. The back replaced with wood and made it a flat bed to get a better gas allotment

    1. Yes, but I've covered the gas ration issue so many times in the past I don't mention it any more...


    3. or just go down the labels on the right hand side of this site, and click on Gas Rationing During WW2