Saturday, May 07, 2016

A convoy of cool old cars to surprise the groom!

the groom is a 21 year old enthusiast. His bride and her mom planned it and Bob set it up.

When the door of the church opened and he saw it, he just broke down. His car is the yellow coupe.

Bob lead the procession in the maroon 29 Ford with the bride and groom in the tan 32 Auburn Sedan and all the bridesmaids in the green 32 Auburn.

The groomsmen rode in rumble seats and one of our wives drove the grooms car to the reception. She and her hubby drove the 31 Ford Cabriolet.

Thanks Bob!


  1. Jesse, what a great surprise - Thanks!

    1. I'll take the compliment on the surprise, but the thanks must all go to you, I just post the cool stuff, you were the one making cars run and letting me know about this cool wedding procession and getting a photo m way!