Monday, May 02, 2016

Becker stereos... 3 models, Europa, Mexico, and Gran Prix

I only found  the Mexico and Gran Prix in Ferraris, 

The Europa was AM FM and shortwave

510 Radio Becker Mexico (Olympia with stereo-cassette)
511 Radio Becker Mexico, cassette, full stereo
512 Radio Becker Europa cassette
513 Radio Becker Europa stereo, USA
514 Radio Becker Europa LMKU (LW, AM, SW, FM)
515 Radio Becker AM, FM, USA
516 Radio Becker Grand Prix
517 Radio Becker Monte Carlo
518 Radio Becker Europa stereo
519 Radio Becker Grand Prix, USA

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  1. I have a Becker Grand Prix in my 66 Mercedes 250SE Coupe. It is a tube radio, with AM, FM, & Longwave, and has the separate amplifier. It is listed as 519 on the data card.