Sunday, March 06, 2016

Smart way to get the best from artists, have them compete for your advertising contract

Paris, the other great center of car manufacturing in 1900-1910, was where the car makers were located and the most affluent.

To French car makers, being in the capital was an absolute imperative, to compete with the great Parisian brands such as De Dion Bouton, Renault, Panhard.

In 1900-10 there was no radio or television advertising, paper was king and fine advertising art catalogs had to catch the interest of refined customers, accustomed to Parisian chic. Created in quality materials, it became a "luxury item in the service of a luxury industry."

 In 1906, Berliet appealed to the most prestigious designer printer, Draeger and created a contest among the best designers, writers, and the illustrators René Vincent, Maximilian Fischer, Rene Lelong.

A specialized press was born, and was soon in high demand by the Paris elite hungry for new leisure fashion: Life Automotive, Omnia, Auto, Life Grand Air, France Automotive, Illustration ...

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