Saturday, March 12, 2016

A 1963 Series 1 E-type has sold for £57,900 at auction, despite requiring a full restoration

The car’s first owner in May 1963 was Ivor Arbiter, who designed the early Beatles logo with the dropped capital T to emphasis the “beat” part of the band’s name. Arbiter, who owned Drum City and Sound City in London and was a staple of the ’60s British music scene first used the logo on Ringo Starr’s bass drum.

the 3rd owner raced it between 1967 and 1969, but kept anything that he took off the car, so the car has the original center console, ash tray, blanking plate and Jaguar radiator bar.

The car was sold with its original brown log book, V5 and V5C, its last MoT certificate from November 1968, the sales invoice to Frank Riches for £855 along with a Jaguar heritage certificate confirming all the important details. It also has its original service handbook and manual, a spare parts catalogue and the original jack.

The car was put into storage until the 1980s when the clutch died. It was then moved it to his garden where is remained under a tarpaulin until the present vendor rescued it in 2015.


  1. And I can't get sixty for my '59 Lincoln....

    1. nope, no demand for that, but an E type Jag?
      Those have beautiful design, something no one has ever said about a 59 Linc