Friday, March 11, 2016

Get another look at Australian cars! It was all Aussie Day at Lakeside Park in Kurwongbah, and Darryl hooked us up with a big gallery of the variety of Australian cars not made anywhere else

thanks to Darryl Smith, who is making it hard for Canadians to keep a reputation for being the nicest people around.

No Canadian has offered to share photos of pure Canadian cars yet! (That... wow, that is just a subtle way to provoke some wonderful Labatt or Moosehead beer drinker to share the cool unique cars that GM made there in the 60s) 

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  1. It is not quite true that they were 'not exported to anywhere else' Perhaps true that were not exported to the US, but examples of most Aussie cars were staple fare in New Zealand. Some models were exported to South Africa (sometimes with different badges). The United Kingdom was an export market for Australian Fords and Chryslers in the 1960s and 1970s and a few, more recent model, high performance Holdens have been sold there with Vauxhall badges. Many South East Asian countries and Pacific Islands have been markets at various times for Australian cars. In the early 1960s I believe a few Holdens found their way to some Mediterranean countries and some even to Hawaii.

    The earlier Falcons, like the blue and red cars in the lower photo, still have US origins whereas the new models from 1972 on are all Australian, like the red wagon third pic up from the bottom.