Monday, March 07, 2016

So many interstates shut down this year so far, the I 75 in Tennessee on the border of Kentucky is closed for 2 weeks to clear out a rockslide and make sure the rocks won't impede the freeway at this location again

the above was from natural causes, and the hillside they came tumbling off of appears to be about 150 feet higher than the road

Good video views of the hillside and work underway to clear potential problem rock, and likely, to set up ledge/shelves to catch any small falling rock


  1. only people in Cali say "the" in front of the road name/number.
    In Tenn or KY its just " I-75"

    hope no one was injured in this landslide.

    1. We're funny that way. When I grew up in Michigan, we ended most sentences with "aye", like Canadians. Here in So Cal, we don't have exit ramp numbers on the freeways, and until you learn all the streets, it's a bit of a problem. They started to number them about 10 years ago, ran out of money.

    2. maybe we say "the" because we have so many interstates in town. Here in San Diego, we have the 163, 15, 8, 67, 805, 905, 5, 52, and 78. Heck, I'm probably forgetting a couple.