Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Stupid damn idiot.... decided he oughta go for it and screw up everyones week, instead of waiting a moment for the road to clear. Moron lived to die another day

Timothy Brown was traveling north on Rt 11 in the town of Masardis Maine when a snowmobile crossed the roadway in front of him at a high rate of speed.

 As he was approaching the trail another snowmobile came out and attempted to cross Rt. 11 right in front of him. The snowmobile struck the tractor trailer on the side and the front of the snowmobile traveled under the truck where the snowmobile was torn in half.

Jeremy Allen from Huntingtown, Maryland, stated that this was his 3rd day of snowmobiling ever, and he was traveling with 3 other snowmobile's as a group.

He said he was the number 2 snowmobile in the group. He said the snowmobile in the front of him went across the road and that when he himself approached the stop sign on the trail, he said it was right on the side of the road and he did not have time to stop.

 He then slid out into the road and struck the tractor trailer right in front of it's driver's side rear wheels. I asked him if visibility was an issue as it was snowing quite heavily, and he said no.


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