Thursday, February 25, 2016

a surprising sequence of events has left a single car body as evidence that Plymouth checked how well the cars were built. A "Tooling Proof Body" was made and checked for conformity to the engineering designs, this one survived the crusher

The first body that came down the assembly line was used to determine if the processes in place, and the body stamp dies, were going to make the body to the standard that Chrysler wanted before they went into full production.

The thing has an awesome grid and a whole bunch of notes written on it, and there’s paperwork and history to tell the story of how this body was to be crushed, but because Dick Landy needed a "body in white" aka, drag race ready car body stripped of all the extras, it was sent to be acid dipped, but he changed his mind before it took the bath, and went with a Dart instead.  via

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