Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I didn't expect to see a 440 6 pack at the British Car Council annual All British Car Show

This is a Jensen Interceptor, from the same Jensen company that partnered with Healey to make the Jensen Healey sports car. The Interceptor was more a muscle car, in the same configuration as the AC Cobra. A British sports car with an American big block. The original engines in the Interceptors were built with 383s, but a 440 isn't so different in size, and with a small amount of trouble will fit in any engine bay you pull a 383 out of


  1. That is WAY cool - always liked Interceptors. Had a friend that had a RHD one for awhile - blew the attendants mind at toll booths when he swung over to the side then backed thru...

    Is it just me, or does that '6 pak' setup appear to have been converted to injection?

  2. The Interceptors were available from the factory with a 440. I've seen a number of factory cars with the engine. I've seen a 426 Hemi that was swapped in for a 383 though.

  3. When my father worked at a furniture factory in the early 80's, the factory owner owned an Interceptor, and let my father have a drive. He was very impressed, not only with the power of the Chrysler engine, but with all of the real wood in the interior!