Saturday, October 13, 2012

Driving has some quizzes if you have a moment to test yourself

Famous cars (37 out of 45 tv and movie cars, they are either easy or impossible ... which of the Back to the Future movies? Really? And the Cuda is a 71, not a 70)

Car advertising slogans
Car identification by taillight  (I got 28 of 35, huge range, from 60's sports cars to new Hondas and Toyotas)
Car company emblem identification (I got 44 out of 50)

It's a little slow because of the one question per web page, next page for the answer, next page for the second question format...  but hell, I didn't want to make a test like this! Time consuming to photograph 50 car manufacturers logos, crop them, photoshop out the name FORD for example, then post them and the answers, and grade it... 


  1. Good quizes! Here are my results (and no, I didn't cheat looking up answers...LOL!)...

    Famous car quiz: 39 of 45.

    Car slogans: 13 of 17.

    Tail light quiz: 28 of 35.

    Green quiz: 29 of 33.

    Logo quiz: 47 of 50.

  2. Hmmm. Well, this told me what I already know - I don't watch television much since about 1972 and few movies since about i barely got over half of those. Only missed 2 slogans, 1 taillight and 1 logo. The ones I missed had to do w/'asian' manufacturers which i couldnt care less about. The 'green' quiz was somewhat ambiguous and arbitrary in a few questions, so I dont count it, although they say I missed 4.
    Of course, theyre canadians, so they don't count anyway, eh?!?! ;)
    Funny, I pretty well aced Just A Car Guy's quiz here a couple of weeks ago tho!