Saturday, August 25, 2012

why all police and law enforcement are regarded as assholes every day by people that aren't wearing a badge

Pensacola police officer Christopher Geraci was fired and arrested after a camera mounted in his car showed him slamming a hit-and-run suspect against her car multiple times.

 Based on the video, it seems Bonds did not resist Geraci as she stood outside her damaged vehicle around 2 a.m. on Aug. 2.

 Pensacola Police Officer Christopher Geraci has now been fired for 'Unreasonable Force' on Abbi Bonds, and arrested for battery.

Meanwhile, a woman in Houston was arrested and held in jail foe 12 hours for warning drivers about a speed trap ahead 

anyone else recall the incredible cop (Maine state trooper Stephen Murray) that was ticketing some drunk who screamed and tore up the tickets and verbally went nuts on the cop? Way back in 1992, it was in my military police training as the example of grace under pressure, and how us Navy police were to behave in a bad situation. That is the way cops should be. Professional under pressure.


  1. I disagree...she did not listen to the officer, who gave her a simple command several times. Maybe he over-reacted a little, but I do not think it was grounds for firing. Police deal with the worst of society, and they risk their lives every day. I think he should be cut a break.

  2. My dad was a beat cop in Cleveland,OH for 30 years working in the worst of the neighborhoods throughout his career. Even as a retired cop he can't stand the younger generation of police officers as they are flat out rude and abusive to just everyone. Gone are the days of cops who worked the neighborhoods and interacted with the citizens gaining their respect by showing they really did care about the people who live there. Now adays most are glorified meter maids with a Tommy TuffNuts attitude.

    @Roadster2005- She may have disobeyed him but there was no reason to throw her up against the car the way he did. That was done out of pure anger/rage not out of preservation of his life or hers.