Saturday, March 03, 2012

interesting things I spotted at last weekends Big 3 Swapmeet... you can't predict what you'll find!

Merchandising... wonder how many boys competed to clock the best time?

Small bellytank, not big enough for a hot rod, but a good case for a motorcycle streamliner

 Steam engine oilers

 A vice to look for if you are ever in the need for one... the jaw is reversible to have enormous openings, or small ones. The right hand jaw even has a flat face for hammering on

 Anyone remember seeing these flaming pots when you were a kid?


  1. Oh yeah, I remember seeing long lines of those smudge pots in construction zones at night.

    That set of S&K sockets look like impact sockets.

  2. The Big Three is always awesome, rain or shine. It is more than Christmas and Thanksgiving for the vehicular types. You see friends you don't see all year, you buy stuff you love, but don't need. I see the many projects that never quite made it. I had a soft spot for the off road 65 Corvair with full roll cage and old Jackmans..nice and rusty. I tortured myself with it way to many times. The little belly tank was very tempting..but as I am 6 ft 4...I wouldn't fit...