Friday, March 02, 2012

Sarah's mom was a car nut! Here she is tinkering with her 57 T-bird, but wait til you read about the Duesenburg!

ok, not a posed photo, and I bet someone got slugged for taking a picture of her butt in the air... but a cool photo.

Get the rest of the story though, Sarah's mom bought her a Model A and started restoring it for her, around 1967, tore it apart and was getting progress made, joined the Model A club and had a great time, and then her husband died.

Sarah says the hobby probably helped her cope, and in her own words "Oh yeah she bought a Duesenberg with leather straps over the engine for $200 that was in somebody's shed, but sold it for $700. I would go with Mamma to the junkyards and was her 'spotter' for old cars, I was taller than she was...She kept saying she must have been crazy to buy it, but she had always wanted a Duesenberg like Dolores del Rio.

Yup she was pretty awesome 

wow. That has to be the only Duesy bought and sold by a mom who was into old cars. Who ever heard of another? 

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  1. Memory is a funny thing - that's a '57 T Bird. Cool pic and a great memory!