Friday, October 07, 2011

Stutz Blackhawk (Thanks Manuel!) replica of Frank Lockhart's Stutz Black Hawk

Who is the guy who made the car? Frank Lockhart, who in the 1920's set a speed record of 171mph with a 90cuin Miller engine he had modified. In 1928 he took this "Black Hawk Special" to 198 on the south run, and on the return run was around 220 mph when the car pitched due to the sand surface of Daytona Beach being erratic

For more of the story:

Thanks Francis!

these are just 3 from ScooterMcRads gallery, but enough to give you a good look at the before and after of the original


  1. Its a Stutz Black Hawk from 1928. Heres a link to the story on Hemmings.

  2. Stutz Black Hawk - frank lockhart died in the original @ daytona beach (i think; one photo i don't care to see again....)
    around 225 mph, around 1928

  3. Heeyyy! No thanks Manuel? I feel slighted! haha!