Friday, October 07, 2011

Dietrich found a 1926 Lincoln in South Africa, and shared the photo and story with us!

I used to own more old cars and I own a Butchery in the main street of Humansdorp.
I often drive my cars to work and park them infront of the shop.
This draws the attention of people passing by and they introduce themselves to me.
This is how I got to know one of the car friends. He used to come and show me all the cars as his brother bought it for him before he took it to a nearby farm.
When he passed away his brother came along and invited me to the farm to come and see what else he has.
This is when he showed me the Lincoln.

I have since entered into negotiations to buy the car from him as he has no interest in cars himself.
I do have trouble finding info on the car. All I have is the engine number.
I was told it was a 1926 but from cowl lights and some other pic info it looks to be earlier?
If anyone can shed more light on the model, please let us know in the comments!

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