Friday, October 28, 2011

Hyundai has more problems

Update... Alan called me back, and hadn't been able to get ahold of the dealership that is reported to have that car. He didn't call me back the next day, when he did find out something, he let his boss call me instead, and I talked to the sales manager. Nice guy, not very sharp. After I told him I only will buy a white Hyundai Veloster, he went on to tell me about red cars, blue cars, Elantras and other Hyundais. So I repeated my decision of white, because he may have forgotten in the disappointment that he must feel at not being able to sell the colors that people do not want, and reminding him that I will buy a White Veloster.

He said that the dealership the White Veloster wouldn't part with it in a dealership trade.

I called them today. I learned the truth.

They don't have the basic Veloster in White, they don't have any White Veloster. They have an invoice on a computer telling them that a White optioned to the max Veloster, that costs thousands more, and has options I don't want (sunroof, chrome grill, 450 watt stereo with subwoofer) and won't pay for isn't there yet, but is supposed to be on it's way.

So, no White Veloster.

 Hyundai has problems, salesmen that aren't honest, sales managers that aren't honest, a lack of cars in the available color I want, and me... a guy who decided to buy the basic Veloster they make, in a basic color, but isn't going to be getting the car that Hyundai advertises that they make. They don't make enough to sell me one


  1. Is it worth using the "build your own feature" on the Hyundai website? I know they want contact info so a local dealer can give you a quote.

  2. That really sucks that youre having such a hard time finding a car that in theory should be easy to get. I think in general its not just Hyundai though...finding a basic car with no options sitting at the dealer is tough over all.

    I know there was a big deal a couple years ago because it was impossible to get a Mercedes with cloth seats(granted it was a big hoopla created by animals rights people but whatever). Personally I prefer cloth seats, they are way cooler than leather, but the point remains that options manufacturers say are available are sometimes impossible to find at dealers, they have to be special ordered and take months to get.