Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ferrari 250GTO out to pasture for 2decades after doing time in a high school auto shop class, donated by a former race car team owner

3589 was registered to a high school. It was donated to them by Rosebud Racing in Texas when they quit racing in 1964. IT was just an old, worn out racecar. The School kept it until 1970 in the auto shop with students just messing around with it. They then advertised it in Hemmings as a 250GT. A guy in Ohio I believe bought it with the thought of making a quick buck. That didnt pan out, so he put it out to pasture. Literally. The car sat on a trailer in a field for almost 20 years. It is now fully restored and owned by Bert Steiger in Switzerland last I heard. This car was originally raced by Mike Parkes and Innes Ireland among others.
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  1. ".... just an old, worn out racecar." Hard to think of a 250GTO as ever being that. Great stuff !!

  2. I raced against that car in the Nassau Speedweeks where it was driven by Innes Ireland. One evening on the way to one of the evening parties, Innes went by in that car at speed and gave me a follow me sign, which I did, but was quickly squelched by my wife. Oh well, but fun. Thanks for reviving the memory.