Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dan has gotten featured in Car Craft! Dec 2011 issue

Crongrats Dan! Lucky guy, he has sponsorship from Hotchkiss, along with being the first B-body Mopar to get a suspension prototyped on his Road Runner... and lots of magazine coverage
and I first posted about him when I met him here in San Diego's Qualcomm stadium where he was having fun autocrossing with thte SCCA

Dan has gotten a blog post on Hot Rod, due to his great car, hard driving, and luck with a wheel company that will be featuring his Road Runner in their booth at SEMA! which has a well written run down of the features of the Road Runner, and what the new rims look like (damn nice!)
Good looking rims! Here they are on the RR, photo from that Hot Rod Blog post

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