Sunday, May 08, 2011

Globes at the Mendenhall Museum of Petroliana


  1. Dear Mr or Ms,

    I thought you might be interest in the most complete collection about the service station (Guinness World Record 2001).
    The museum is briefly composed by 150 gas pumps from 1892 until 1981, including the one used by Benito Mussolini, and thousands of objects with a petrol company logo on it collected in 40 years.
    This industrial archeology collection shows clearly the evolution of design of petrol pumps (from the one hanged on the wall to the "roman chariot" style used in pharmacies, from the thin and tall one with the luminous globe on the top by the roaring 20's to the refrigerator shape subsequent the war) it also has a focus on the history of brands of the petrol companies, existing and extinguished.
    It is now packaged in a warehouse next to Milan (Italy) looking for a new exhibition center but many contents (TV reportages, photos, articles) are available on the new website
    They even wrote an article on the WSJ

    Thank you for the interest and hoping in a positive reply,

    Your Sincerely,

    Nicolò Fisogni

    1. I wish you the best! I've posted about it to help spread the word, and my hopes are with you that a good buyer is found to keep the collection together for the enjoyment and education of all who are passionate about petroliana like myself