Sunday, May 08, 2011

The most interesting signs, awards, and petroliana I found at the Mendenhall Museum in Buellton

The above is the art work of Pete Millar, and is actually an ad for Isky Cams

I've never heard of the Pontiac Trail

I wish I knew the story of how this cop car door left the cop car, and became a wall ornament for it's life after law enforcement

Cool mileage map

Biggest Sun test bench I've seen

a Mickey Thompson timing tag, wow
Amazing, how did any paper souvenirs last?
Awesome that Vice Grip was giving out trophys, and this is the first I've seen
The above roadster was hand carved

all of these are only a small fraction of the cool stuff at the Mendenhall Museum of Petroliana in Buellton Ca, just about 30 minutes North of Santa Barbara

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