Monday, January 03, 2011

Finally, a compressed air car is built

French enterprise MDI backed by Cater SA, a Swiss business have taken the concept to the roads, naminf a four wheel vehicle Airpod —to reflect on its engine powered by nothing but compressed air.

The fact that Geneva airport and a few French-speaking Swiss towns have already shown keen interest in Airpod augurs well for the project; not to mention that EU countries have already approved of the project.

It holds that initial production will kick off on Swiss grounds (in Reconvilier) where the first unit should roll out by March 2011

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  1. The compressed air car would work better if the heat of compression were stored in an insulated tank filled with paraffin or a eutectic salt solution. This stored heat would reheat the expanding air restoring most of the original energy that was put into it. This reheating could be improved by using the waste heat from a small gasoline engine, a hybrid vehicle of sorts.