Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I often get solicited to post someones article, list, or link to their site, but don't. Here are some I'm interested in if you want my attention

 The best car events in the world, or the worst
 the least expensive way to see the Pebble Beach Concours
 The most incredible car museums in the world
 the most incredible cars you've ever heard of
  the top 10 highest maintenance cars ever
 The most impressive car collections / collectors you've ever heard of
 the best auto writers, and where to read their work
 the most memorable auto advertising
 the best auto photographers, and where to see their work
 the best car customizers (other than the Barris) and which was the best car they ever made
10 best vehicle related websites
10 worst mechanics,
10 worst ripoffs in the auto world (besides Bernie Madoff),
5 hardest repairs due to engineering shortsightedness,
5 most difficult to diagnose problems with your car,
5 cheapest insurance companies (did that myself a couple years ago),
5 insurance companies to avoid,
10 best jobs in the mechanics world,
10 best auto related companies to work for (pep boys, sears, discount tire, AAA, or what?)
10 nicest people you've met while getting a quote on your vehicle repair
10 coolest conversations while waiting for your car to get fixed (mine was a WW2 Battleship gunner telling me about the USS Iowa)
10 ways insurance companies screwed you out of your claim, even if it was because you weren't fluent in insurance lingo and missed the thing you could have done to save your self a headache
5 cheapest places to get new tires
the best car dealerships in your area, for customer satisfaction, reviews, and on site amenities while you wait for service, sales, or repairs
was a car insurance bill bigger or smaller relative to the car payment 10, 20, and 30 years ago?

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  1. Ouch! 10 women that either broke a mechanic's heart or destroyed his ego because she knows about machinery? That hurts honey....lol