Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heather's rare Rambler. She wanted a cool unusual car to go to car shows with !

That's the happy owner. Isn't it shocking to find a college age woman so enthusiastic about cool cars that she saved one from neglect, and gave it a new life !

One of about 2000 Deluxe models made, this came with the overhead valve engine, instead of the common flathead, and Heather became interested in finding something like a red Rambler she looked at during a Clairemont car show about a year or two ago. It cost about 6 thou on EBay, the second time it was listed (the first time the reserve was not met during bidding) and since then, almost everything has been rebuilt or replaced... and all for under 20 thou. Closer to 18 for the car, total upholstery at Jim's on Armour in Kearny Mesa, engine and trans rebuilt, and lots of paint (I've got to ask again who did the paint so well and at a good price) and chrome.

Future improvements (not that you or I could tell any are needed) will be some exhaust, and trim.