Saturday, August 21, 2010

Evans Garage... what a cool looking place (not open to the public)

Cmon, that is a cool way to dress up your mailbox!

for pictures of the cars, you'll have to see the websites of people with invites to the inside: who fills in the bio on the Evan's Garage collection:

The Evans Garage was created in 1983 by William Evans, Sr., a San Diego hotelier extraordinaire. His son, Bill Evans, Jr., Vice President of the hotel group which includes the Bahia and Catamaran Hotels, now carries the torch forward for this interesting local museum.

Don't be fooled by Evans Antique Auto Garage's nondescript location just north of downtown San Diego and its less-than-elegant exterior. From the outside it's a blue building with an antique car painted on the front, but inside are picture-perfect vehicles from the collection of hotelier Bill Evans, many of them one of a kind.

Attendees can dine or mingle amid Evans' impressive collection, which also includes antique clothing and furniture. Certainly not your everyday garage. Bill Evans mentioned recently that the museum offers automobiles and a fire engine on display dating from 1886 through 1962, as well as antique clothing, furniture, stained glass windows, and Persian carpets.

Evans Garage, located in San Diego, is a private museum and meeting space that contains some very rare and interesting cars. But not everyone can go there. Only companies that have people staying in the luxurious Torrey Pines Resort can hold a meeting there.

Among the cars:
1957 Thunderbird,
1958 Buick Caballero station wagon,
1957 Ford Fairlane convertible.
1905 Pope Toledo


Some of them are things I know nothing about:
 A blue 1911 Bianchi of which only nine were built,
the white 1911 Blitzen Benz which the Evans Garage built from new old stock with the blessing of the Mercedes Benz factory,
 and the red 1913 Isotta Fraschini which raced at the Indianapolis 500
and is in excellent but unrestored condition

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