Monday, July 05, 2010

About comments

I've really enjoyed the comments, and so many of them have been awesome at educating me, informing me, and correcting me (and I love learning more about the cool stuff I post) so I want to thank all of you who comment

Every couple of days I get website links or viagra advertising put down as comments, and I wanted to let every one know that ----

I've never posted those comments,
--- don't understand why anyone thinks readers would waste time clicking on a link in a comment about some advertising weblink,
and want everyone with
--- a car insurance quote website,
----viagra distribution website,
----and websites about new cars that have nothing to do with commenting about my post

to know I'm never ever going to publish that crap as a comment on my blog

1 comment:

  1. I used to get a ton of those spam posts on my site, and finally was forced to close comments for all but the most recent posts...I could never understand why they thought my three or four fans were worthy of spam. By the way, need any viagra?