Sunday, July 19, 2009

Customer appreciation Saturdays at JBA, models Stevie and Natalie were there to pose with customers cars

Mopar, guaranteed to create smiles

Just turn the key, fire up the 426 max wedge, rev the high compression motor, and voila! Instant thrill
Happiness is a Mopar big block, a six pack of Holleys on an Edelbrock, and a Hurst stirring the gears

Awwwww.. no six pack, no hemi!

Ford vs Chevy, the debate that still rages on

This kid will have this photo postered in his school locker... that's my prediction

Happiness is a Mopar that matches your fingernail polish!

Master chief from the helo world, and a very rare ZR1 vette. It had to be ordered way back in 2005 to be made for 2009

Just add engine

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  1. Change your blog's name to JUST A VERY LUCKY CAR GUY!!! KKKKKKKKKK!!!!