Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Ferraris and Lamborghinis at Bobileff

1971 Lamborghini Miura SV/ J "Jota" http://www.bobileff.com/ferrari_frame.html
No-one knows where the name Jota came from. In the 1982 book, Miura, co-authors Coltrin and Marchet suggest that it’s because the car was built to Appendix J of the FIA regulations. Others have claimed that it’s named after a Spanish dance; yet others say that it has something to do with atomic fission... the Italian language has no letter ‘J’.

There is only one vehicle purpose built by the Lamborghini works as a prototype car with the Jota modification that has factory validation as purpose-built. Serial Number 4892 is that car on display here, built on the 13th of July, 1971 and sold to a Japanese enthusiast via Tomita who imported it into that country originally. He received a written declaration as to the car's authenticity from Ubaldo Sgarzi in August of 1974 when he himself returned to the factory for a new LP400 Countach. Additional documentation from Claudio Zampolli and the original Jota's creator Bob Wallace, also convey to further document this car's authenticity. Originally finished in white with blue, it was refinished in 1973 to its current Rosso Granada livery with 'Naturale' tan leather interior to match the aforementioned Countach. Fully detailed in the Lamborghini registry and currently nearing full restoration completion by marque specialist Gary Bobileff, this will indeed present the ultimate opportunity to garner the most coveted example from the Miura's lineage.

2008 Newport Beach Concours D'Elegance entrant

http://www.bobileff.com/ Gary Bobileff, owner, began the business in 1979, and has since cemented his reputation for Expertise of knowledge of Ferrari and Lamborghini models, to the extent of attaining CHP and State of California expert witness status, and of course... the obvious restoration work of that Jota you've seen above. See http://www.bobileff.com/consulting.htm for more about the business. 6730 Topgun Street (East off the 805 on Mira Mesa Blvd for 6 or 7 stop lights ) San Diego


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