Wednesday, March 04, 2009

IROC Z28 with only 4.3 miles found in a shipping container
It was never dealer prepped for sale, so it's factory fresh on the inside, really dusty on the outside.

It was sent from GM to Albrizio Chevrolet, Palisades Park New Jersey where it then sat in the trailer. It was then sold for $30,000 to a middleman who was working for a collector, who owned a Ford Dealership, who cleaned it up and got it running and tried to sell it on Ebay within the year, it didn't sell. He was then stuck with a car that a lot of people liked, but no one wanted to store after blowing over $30,000 dollars. Imagine buying something you can't use, and keep the value of. If you use it, it depreciates, and though you get to enjoy it, you can't ever think of it as an investment.. and if you just want a great example to enjoy, you never would pay half this much for.

Full Camaro enthusiast thread about it at

It finally disappeared off the public awareness in 2011 when it sold at Mecum's spring auction

the car went through a collector in Indiana, and he wrote into a Camaro forum and said:

Guess what, we got it running today!! It runs perfect!! Our top technician who is extremely intelligent worked on it today. He first checked the cylinders inside with a scope to make sure there was no rust before cranking the engine over. He also put a little oil down the cylinders and cranked the engine over with the coil wires off to work the oil to the rings, and also pump oil to the top of the engine before starting it up. Once that was done, he put some gas into the carb, and cranked it over a few times and it started!. It ran very well for the few seconds of fuel it had in the carb. After several attempts to get the carb pumping fuel, and working properly, the tech decided that the fuel inside the carb was “gummed” up, and needed cleaned. We all thought that, but we had to try. So, he took the carb off, cleaned the jets, and put it back on. He did not alter any adjustments in any way, just cleaned it up, and that’s it. After that, he hooked up a small gas tank to the fuel pump and the car started and idled perfect!!

I have some video I took of the process I will post on your forum when I have a minute. It’s not very long as my battery went dead in my video camera, but It is all charged and ready to go now. Oh, and buy the way, I will be glad to join your forum and keep everyone updated on the process. One more thing, we did change the oil before we started the car, but left the original oil filter on. I can’t believe how great this car runs after sitting that many years. I was worried when we got the car that all the rubber seals around the t-tops, windows, and doors would be all cracked and dry rotted, but there not! They are in great shape! They could use a bath, and some armor all, or silicone to moisten the rubber a bit. The underside of the car is like new also. It has the normal small amount of rust that every new car has underneath when they come off the carrier like some of the unpainted steel and or cast iron parts. Other then that the underbody is in awesome shape. I remember the video that was on youtube, the guy said that the rear floor mats were missing, or did not come with them. Well, I found the rear floor mats today. The only issue with the floor mats is the rubber backing that gm used back then has decayed and has turned into a tar like substance. If you touch it your hands turn very sticky and black. 

Thank you for offering to help with the parts, I really appreciate that Scott. Based on your suggestion, I think I am going to purchase those two “New” oem wheels that are in NY, then I will just have to come up with two more and we will be set. It will be expensive, but like you said, it will be worth more that way being all original. I will also call and order a copy of the invoice so I can get the key codes. Kind of sucks, can’t even open the rear hatch without having a key. This car does not have the optional power hatch release located in between the power windows switches. 

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and then he flipped it to profit and it's now in Franklin Tennessee 

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