Monday, September 01, 2008

A good thought provoking question

What are the top automotive events that you'd love to attend?

I'm sure I would enjoy the following the most (in no order)
Chryslers at Carlisle
Louis Vuitton Classic
Amelia Island Concours
Villa De Este (pardon my spelling) Concours
and more to be added later

from reading a website that seems to have stopped in early 2007

Memphis! you are so dead on! You rock!
Memphis comments that Power Tour, the Silver State classic, Woodward Dream Cruise, the Monterey Historics and others are on the list. I agree completely!

Back in March I posted some:

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  1. SEMA
    Drag Week
    Pump Gas Drags
    One Lap
    Power Tour
    Silver State Classic
    Maxton Mile
    La Carrera Panamericana
    Woodward Dream Cruise
    Monterey Historics

    Man If I win the lotto lol.