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Jenny wants to discuss the La Mesa cruise with me. No kidding. I'm not making that up.

Jenny wrote in a comment... about this post

" Dude come on. Don't you think this is getting a little old? That show was meant to explain the situation, not start more chaos. If you had listened, Alan Lanning said they called the DMV out specifically to check out the dealer plates they were seeing on some cars. It wasn't for "no reason". Please, I understand you don't like the La Mesa Car Show, but you really don't need to ruin it for the people that work hard on it day in and day out.

Deena While and I, love this car show. We are trying to build back the reputation it lost a few years ago and having people bash it on the internet isn't quite helping with this already difficult task. You keep reliving situations that are in the past and our participants are starting to forget. The car show is improving and you seem to ignore that in order to feed your negative view of the show. Why not think a little more postitive huh?

Email me if you would like to discuss this matter further.

My reply here is the same as in my email to her

That show was, just like all outlets of information which includes mine, the biased outlook and perspective of the owner or director of the outlet.

Since you of course don't bother to be polite, I will. I did listen, carefully, and twice. I had to carefully quote accurately the quotes I provided in my post. You must have read them, as you have taken the time to tell me what a disreputable thing I'm doing to the show you have a great affection for. Lanning to my recollection, of what I heard on the 16 of August, about 2 weeks ago, was vague about what the DMV was called for. He specifically said one of their supervisory types said they badly over reacted.

In your version, he says they were specifically there for the dealer plates issue.

Then riddle me this, is the one dealer plate, of the guy that was interviewed, sufficient reason for calling the DMV’s office of enforcement to help? By the Chief of Police? Do you think he can't solve that little problem? We also hear on the podcast program that a cop already dealt with the owner of the plate, and everything was cool. Even the chief agreed this was in the authority of the officer on the scene who dealt with it.

I'm not really looking forward to listening to the whole hour or so of the podcast to bring up specifics, and you are sure I didn't listen anyway, so I suppose you won't be satisfied if I tell you that I can do so, and transcribe the whole bloody thing, and waste lots of my time doing so, after which you will have another 5 problems with the job I've done.

So you transcribe it and we can debate it afterwards, without me taking waaaay too much time to not satisfy you with the way I do it. When you have transcribed it, let me know, we'll either waste time emailing over it, or meet somewhere and talk it out.

You have put " marks around "no reason" and I'm left to believe you imply that I said or implied that the DMV were there for your "no reason" quote or implication. Seeing as how you say it wasn't for no reason, then you agree with me. I posted that they were there for 2 reasons. Twice agreeing with you is the way I see that. They were there "comparing registered vehicle values on record vs the apparent value of the vehicle in person, to force the issue and see that the DMV increases revenue by getting closer to the average market value of the vehicles versus the reported value when the vehicle was last registered. Also the recorded event of the "dealer plates" on a vehicle that were expired, and not the plates registered with the car." Is the way I posted it.

All right, now to the last sentence of your first paragragh, I am not going to ruin it, I don't have that power, although thank you for believing me to be of any significance in the matter, and important enough to bear any weight on the car shows success or failure. Perhaps you will see that in the two summers of car shows I've photographed since starting my blog (you really should too, it's very satisfying and some people will believe that you have the power to influence the success or failure of a car show) ( that is a joke ) I have given a substantial amount of time to the La Mesa cruise, and it's been prominent on my calendar when I was posting the cruises last year, as a cruise I recommended my readers to enjoy. This year I only have had first nights and nitro nights of cruises, not the full cruise lists that I let people look at on other websites that I post about, and recommend for that purpose.

You seem adamant that people work hard on the La Mesa cruise "day in and day out", if you recognize your own quote, and I believe you must feel you know from first hand witnessing of this day in and day out work. I believe you'll understand that I don't believe that more than a handful, if even more than 2 people work day in and day out on it. Maybe we can agree you are enthusiastically overexaggerating about the number of people and how many days a week they work on it.

We can't have overexagerrations between us Jenny, the word takes too long to type! (another joke ) We can't do that unless you'll allow me to do the same, and I don't believe you will. You already stated that I didn't listen to the program, after reading my timeline of when I heard who say what "most of the first quarter is all about the car cruise and it's Merchant Assoc. President, Stanley Young, the second quarter is the Police Chief interview, and the last is interviewing a 15 year icon of the show, Jumpin Jack Flash, a DJ who volunteers to play 50 and 60's music."

Is the common last name of your self and Deena more than coincidence? Relative of yours? Well, I tried with a couple emails to her to get a dialog going that she seemed to ask me to engage in, but she didn't respond to the emails I sent to her. Sad isn't it, that she asked me, just as you have, to "discuss the matter further" but she then reneged and didn't discuss it further? I emailed her about this long post that I typed. And the video I shot at the start of the post.

Are you going to break the historical path that other Whiles have started, and actually discuss the matter further? I even propose that the both of you do so, as I'd like to get a different side of the issue from those who feel opposite of myself. Seriously. I'd like you, Deena While, Chief Lanning, and Stanley Young (who didn't respond to my email either) all or separately to discuss this matter politely, and then I can post accurately what was done, by who, how much, and what was the motivation of who for what.

You may see that I am sincere, have been to the show myself, as I've got the photos of my car their on my blog as anyone can see, and by the evidence of the many photos I've taken and posted, have been there without my car but with my camera, as well. I've been to the La Mesa cruise for many years, not as many as some, but enough for me, and more than others. As you or anyone else can see by looking at all the photos I take at all the cruises and car shows I go to that are right on my blog as proof of my attendance, I am experienced at many shows, as a contributing car owner, and as a photojournalist, to speak with some authority on the relative differences and similarities between the different towns that have them, here in San Diego's greater area.

You also may not find yourself willing to believe anything I say, as you find me disagreeable, possibly hateful, as you state that I'm trying to ruin the La Mesa cruise by bashing it, and reliving the past situations that others are starting to forget.

Ahhhh, am I not a visibly lover of the past? You have seen that I have focused my time for about 2 years on just the past cars, trucks, races, icons, race car drivers, events, designers, drivers, owners, builders, and lovers of old cars? That is to say I love the history of them, and that includes the events that shape us, and the local scene, like the drag racers riot I posted about.

You don't mean to say I'm wrong to remember the past, do you? The ancestors, the lives, the hsitory, the loves and places, the builders and destroyers, the causes and ideals, the ways and means? Even the bad stuff. No one remembers the things that Elvis did for them, they remember how he died. How Nixon made great strides in China relations, no just Watergate. That Clinton ordered a Tomahawk missile strike in Dec of 98 to kill Bin Laden, no just that Monica Lewinski's dress had potential Presidential offspring on it.

So the La Mesa cruise lost it's reputation? You and Deena are trying to build it back? Really?

I haven't had the DMV enforcement division down on the streets, or the cops, but I think you know who did. I haven't asked the cops to ticket show cars that are unmoving for over 2 hours, even when they feed the meter, and Deena doesn't respond to that either, do you know who has asked for police enforcement? Well it wasn't me. I told Deena quite the opposite. Want the emails? I made good suggestions to make the show you claim to be working hard at regaining its reputation, better and my suggestions will work. Want to try them? I'll help!

Will you? Not likely, that is what I state clearly. You don't want make it better with real solutions. Not for a minute, because you, Deena, Stanley, Chief Lanning, and unknown others are not out to make it better, and the current methods utilized are killing it. I've written long emails, posted, and photographed enough to prove that it's on life support already, in the critical care ward, and the oxygen is running out, the defib batteries don't have another charge left.

The La Mesa cruise isn't improving. Unless more cops, shorter season, and DMV enforcement is an improvement in your dictionary. Really Jenny, can you say those are lies? That they aren't real circumstances at the La Mesa cruise this summer of 2008? They are, and that is real, and that doesn't equate to an improvement Jenny. Not by definition of Webster’s dictionary of the American English language. I may have lots of typos from typing quickly and not spellchecking my self, but I know the meaning of improvement. Do you? Here ya go, just trying to help.

My view of the cruise is just as I've stated, near death and being killed. Those with the authority to do something positive are not using their power for the improvement of the cruise. Think positive you encourage me? Really? Does cancer care of you think positive? no. Do enemies care if you think positive? no.

Jenny, think about a solution, use all means, all opinions, all help, and all viewpoints. All that criticism you hear? Those are the problems to solve, those are the mapped out points of errors you can correct. Someone complains? Listen. Then reverse the circumstances of the complaint, and what happens? You get compliments. No kidding. It's no secret, it a solution waiting for the person with management ability to make the circumstances clear, and correct the critical problems that cause situations we deem negative.

So, you really want to improve the cruise? Thank those who complain for the input that will be used to change the situations that can be changed. Ask around for ideas. Ask Deena why she ignores such positive contributory ideas as mine. Then act to make the change you want to have. It's your world, I just report on it.


It's the email I've had posted here for about two years. Use it if you like, or use the comments ( I finally got them working! Thanks Feng! ) I'll respond with email, or a post, or whatever you like.

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