Sunday, August 22, 2021

I found a couple new (to me) Brooks Stevens designed vans

I'm guessing these are just size variations on the same design, but either would be a really nice way to see the world while driving cross country, and the many stops along the way

for another see


  1. Stevens was a remarkable guy. Not surprisingly, some of his most important clients were located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, his home. Allis-Chalmers, Outboard Marine, Miller Brewing, Milwaukee Road Railroad and Harley Davidson come to mind. Less well known clients were the likes of Adelman Dry Cleaners, a local laundry and dry cleaning service, for whom Stevens designed a fleet of delivery trucks. Back in the mid 60s I had a friend who was a staff artist at the Stevens firm in Mequon, Wisconsin. Chuck had the awesome privilege of working on the Excalibur project, and always had something to tell us about what was in the works at the studio. The Stevens legacy is kept alive at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a gallery featuring his work, and the Milwaukee Art Center which holds thousands of drawings by Stevens and other related papers which are accessible to researchers.

  2. Stevens was one of the most important industrial designers. He also built karts for the Gilson company as well as a couple of one-offs. Stevens worked with Ray Besasie Sr. & Jr out of Milwaukee to do incredible futuristic car designs. The Besasie's formed all the metal body work for Brooks' designs. You could dedicate a whole article to them, I spoke with Ray Jr. back about 2008 re: his Excalibur FKE kart that used to be in the Stevens museum I think I still have his number somewhere. Amazing craftsman!

  3. Found this at the Milwaukee Art Center site.Thanks again.

    1. the 1936 Zephyr Land Yacht, one crazy cool combo