Thursday, September 13, 2018

must have made a hell of a lot of air pollution around the train yards


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    1. uh huh... and how much burning coal? That's right, a lot. A yard full of locomotives is going to smoke a lot, day in and day out, and that is called pollution. Ever see how black the marble buildings in New York, Buffalo, Pittsburgh were before they started cleaning them?

    2. George H. Hemcher said "I live in a valley that has railroad lines running through it. At the peak of the Steam Engine era as many as 40 locomotives passed through here every day for passenger and freight service. In 1976 one locomotive came through here that was painted to commemorate the US Bicentennial heading to Philadelphia. The smoke from that one locomotive was excessive and rolled through the valley. It must have been a mess when 40 a day were actively running through here."