Friday, September 14, 2018

Fantastic coverage of the Goodwood Revival at ViaRetro (thanks to Astericx!) a website that has only been around ONE YEAR ! Wow, they are GOOD! Well, 5 years were in Danish,

If I went to goodwood, you'd be seeing photos of EVERYTHING, dozens of photos per car, and building, and people dressed in era correct costumes, and races... it would be nuts.

Via Retro was started in 2012 when 2 sites that were only in Danish, merged. Weblogs and, both of which despite the .com addresses were only published in Danish.

However, ever since the initial conception, ViaRETRO also featured an English version, including selected articles from the Danish section and expanding with unique content on a regular basis. Then in August 2017, close friend of ViaRETRO, Anders Bilidt, got involved working purely on the English site, in order to expand the content with more frequent articles than previous.

ViaRETRO aims to:
Broaden the knowledge of Classic Cars.
2. Communicate Danish, Scandinavian and International automotive history.
3. To cover classic car events, including historic motorsport events at home and abroad.
4. To provide a classic car enthusiast meeting place on the Internet.
5. Organize rallies, meetings and events.


  1. I went to the 29016 Revival. I was visiting England and was in the right place at the right time for someone to have a spare ticket. This was on the Friday of the weekend. I went on the Sunday - luckily the weather was superb(it had rained heavily on the Saturday). There was so much to see that I saw very little of the racing. I took 600 photos and I am sure there was stuff I missed.

    1. Lucky to go! Sure, I imagine there is a lot everyone misses... but oh the things you must have seen and enjoyed!
      I am irked that so few websites do the event justice! They waste what little space they have to cover this event with a few photos of racing, none of the buildings, the costumes, the gala ball.

  2. Thx for all the praise!
    Considering we at ViaRETRO have all been long-term fans of your blog, it's a nice, warm and fuzzy feeling that we are now getting a mention here... ;-)

    1. really?

    2. well, regardless of the lack of indication on your site of such fandom, and that it took you two weeks to see that I posted about your site, I'll accept that you like my site, after all, here you are seeing that I posted about yours.

    3. and I'm glad you're happy that I praised your website, you earned it. I hope you keep a wide variety of coverage of Goodwood exhibits, displays, and buildings!

    4. HaHa... touché Jesse. ;-)
      You are of course very right - this great site was lacking under our "Friends & Links".
      That wrong-doing has now been put right.
      Keep up the good work!

    5. well thank you!