Saturday, August 18, 2018

Maybe people are lazy, or maybe I'm not. Every week a couple people ask me to put them in contact with some car maker, collector, or whatever. It hasn't taken over 30 minutes yet to get that info, so, why don't they do it?

Today, just now, a Fiat registry guy wanted to know what the phone number and email are for the car collector in Guatemala is.

Day before yesterday, someone asked me for the name of the guy who made a truck bed that I photographed at SEMA 2010.

The truck at SEMA took 10 minutes
the collector in Guatemala took 30

Maybe I should just go get a job with a detective agency. Or not. No one wants to PAY for the info, so, there really isn't any job in it.

And I'm really annoyed by people asking me to spend my time to get them info. No. Nope. Nada.

My time? It's for finding FUN or INTERESTING stuff. The POSTING it.

If I wanted to waste time, I'd try to get a better paying job, without getting any more training or education. Right?

Really, why can't people do their own damn homework? And if they want me to do it, why won't they pay?

Do people (complete strangers you never knew existed) email you to ask you to look up stuff? Find them something? Put them in contact with someone else you don't know?

Imagine that happens a couple times a week. What do you do? What should I do?

I sent the image above to the Fiat registry guy, and said, if you want to know the info to contact him, I want to get paid. My time is worth money, is your need to contact the collector worth money to you?


  1. Could you give the phone number of a woman who would come to my house and give me a massage with a happy ending? lol

    1. Yes, I can, but I have to warn you, she gets very clingy and once she's met you it's really hard to get rid of her

  2. Be a consultant. Charge x amount per hour and a n minimum.

  3. I know that I will invoke your wrath, but I think you like to have something to bitch about.

    1. well, you're wrong. I like to look for cool stuff to post. Exhibit A, 34000 posts, 12 years of blogging, and that's solo. No team effort, no guest posts.
      I like to race, photograph, read, eat, sleep, and watch movies.
      I do NOT like to have something to bitch about.
      The world, and the stupid people on it, has other plans for my time though.

    2. Nice last line. May I use it when the situation calls for it?

    3. lol... with my compliments!

  4. Haha, I know what are you talking about. I am running a die-cast collector blog. (Well... I used to. It is dormant for a while, but I am planning to return to the hobby.) The best questions so far:
    "Where to buy a model of this and that car?"
    I usually sending a link to the as an answer. But really? BUYING something on the Internet. That is really rare...

    "Is this model is still available? How can I order from you?"
    Damn, we are a fanblog, not a shop. We have never been a shop. And this is obvious.

    And my personal favourite: "Where can I but this and that part for an old, British made truck, out of production since more then 20 years?" (We had a post of that truck's, 1:1xx die cast counterpart.) Bullseye!

    So yeah, I feel your pain.

    1. bingo. How can people be so ignorant? I'm also just a fan, not a source of sales, but I'm constantly asked to send an invoice or quote a price.. for things I don't own and am not selling. Just the number of requests is enough to have you wonder what is wrong with people

    2. its somehow comforting to know I'm not alone in getting pestered by idiots

    3. I had similar feelings when I read your post. 8-)

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