Wednesday, September 13, 2017

oh for Pete's sake, Goodguys is now allowing the junk from the 70s and 80s. Must be the declining membership due to old age and "who can spend the most" cars

the organization that bills itself as “the world’s largest hot rodding association” has thrown in the towel.

There were no "hot rods" in the 70s and 80s. So, really, why even bother. If your core target is hot rodding, then you don't let in cars that aren't hot rods.

It's that simple.

I get it that Goodguys has always been open to muscle cars, and they are not exactly "hot rods", from the definition sense, but, as the magazines have proven "Popular Hot Rodding" went into the pro street look, and into autocrossing cars.

So, muscle cars make sense for Goodguys events.

But land barge 70s cars? And that the hell was made in the 80s that is going to make sense? Grand Nationals?

Was this inevitable since the founder died 18 months ago? That there would be choice made that never would have gotten his agreement?

Founded by Gary Meadors in 1983, Goodguys had a cutoff year of 1959 to keep the focus on hot rods and customs.

 Over the years this date was changed to reflect the wishes of the membership, first expanding to 1962, then to 1964, and finally to 1972, a change that took place in 1998

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