Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Frankie, Annette, and Fabian in Fireball 500, (1966) high def good copy (mid 60s Nascar movie)

This time around, Frankie Avalon is a up-and-coming race car driver. After arriving in a new town and beating the local champ (Fabian), Avalon is offered a job trying out a new car for a upcoming cross-country race. Being gullible (and having the hots for the race tracks sexy owner, Julie Parrish), he agrees. Ends up the car is loaded with moonshine. Before long Avalon is catching stress from all ends: he's being blackmailed by IRS agents, catching heat from the moonshiners, being a professional racer, knocking boots with Parrish, getting into multiple fistfights and he sings 5 songs!

Yup, they got Richard Petty's Belvedere

and this convertible, is a 66 Barracuda, called the SSXR concept car, built by Barris

The car was sold at Barrett Jackson, of course, and the sale included signed photographs of George Barris, Fabian, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. The car came with the original trailer hitch to pull #43 Richard Petty's race car

Don't get the wrong idea, there is plenty of Nascar racing, 1965 or 66, maybe both... it's not a Beach Blanket Frankie and Annette movie. 

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