Sunday, July 16, 2017

traffic jam in Los Angeles, on the 5, all 6 lanes wide, for miles and miles.


  1. How often does this happen?

    So often you don't even notice anymore....

    Welcome to the Los Angeles Basin!

    1. everyday.

      I just wanted to share a 1st hand experience photo with readers

  2. Seattle..Tacoma...Olympia..Portlandia....Are all the same...And they are all on their cell phones...
    I no longer take I-5 when headed South....Hwy 97 in Oregon is still 2 lanes in some..many places..It's a death trap...And they are building choo-choos in Portland and Seattle instead of addressing this...
    How much can you get on a Tri-Max?
    Didn't there used to be Interurbans?.They are now bike paths...
    Ooops..Talked too much....