Wednesday, July 19, 2017

42,100 pounds of beer spilled in Colorado, a semi had to use the emergency ramp in Wolf's Creek Colorado when his brakes failed

The 25-year-old driver managed to get on the second ramp he passed — which also happened to be the last ramp before the road, called Wolf Creek Pass, got really involved.

“He handled that truck like an absolute champ,” Smith told the Herald, adding that “the beer was just absolutely everywhere. It was pretty hilarious.”

In June, the Colorado Department of Transportation launched the “Beware the Wolf” campaign to warn truck drivers of the risks involved in traveling Wolf Creek Pass, considered one of the worst mountain passes for semi-trucks.

the truck left the highway to use the emergency ramp, and everything was fine until it began to roll back down the hill and the beer over powered the trailer door when momentum took hold.

 I don't see any load bars.

the event was caught on dash cam,


  1. It's all about speed on those passes. I've been over Wolf Creek Pass several times with the RV - 37' Fifth wheel towed by a Volvo VNL 610 tractor - and it's a piece of cake if you do it right. obey the 25 MPH speed limit for trucks, put it in a low gear and keep it there, use the engine brake. The Westbound side is the bad one, 9 miles of 7% grade, I barely touch my brakes going down there, let the engine and trans do the work.

  2. Looks like Bud Light...No loss there..If it was Deschutes Obsidian or New Belgium Flat Tyre, I'd have tears...
    And as N&D stated maybe too young and not enough experience...Hope they don't fire him, good truck driving jobs for good companies make for a good life...I did it for many years...