Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Buick Lucerne... named for a city in Switzerland. Why? I can't find an answer online

The Lucerne (from 2006 through 2011) replaced both the upscale LeSabre, and top of the line, Park Avenue. Well, if you're naming a car for a place, and you are replacing Park Avenue... why go with a Swiss city? There is also a large dairy by the name of Lucerne

 And then the Lucerne was replaced with the LaCrosse... a hockey stick game, (the city in Wisconsin has a space after the La and before Crosse, but was preceded by the LaSabre. Maybe someone in the naming process was stuck on the words beginning with L that have no meaning? That sound French?

Braking was not one of the Lucerne's strong points, as testing revealed stopping distances that were the longest in the full-size sedan class, as it's bigger than a Chrysler 300

A LaSabre is a sword, a LaCrosse is a stick for the purpose of catching a ball (the crosse)

I even sent an email to, but I doubt they are going to reply, even if they knew. They are only interested in selling cars, not discussing history


  1. Ice cream, butter, and milk also..I think it's Safeway's house brand...
    Getting traction with a butter car?..Naw.....

  2. Buick originally sold the LaCrosse as the Allure in Canada because LaCrosse is slang for masturbation in Quebec.