Sunday, July 02, 2017

since age 6 Ryan was infatuated with this 1969 Road Runner, 383, and the owner knew that the kid had to have it, someday. It has never been in the rain.

Ryan had this note on the Road Runner facebook page:

This was my dream car ever since I was 6 years old. It sounded better than the ice cream truck every time he fired it up!! When he did I would run so fast outside to see it and hear him honk.

Over the years I would always joke with him saying " how's my car doing" while passing by. We'd end up talking for the longest time.  It's been very well maintained, and is in great condition. I remember him telling me it's never even seen the rain as long as he's owned it.  He said that if he ever parted ways with it, I'd be the first to know.

Sadly the owner, and neighborhood friend of many years, eventually stopped driving it, and realized he was too sick to enjoy the car any more, and he called and asked me if I'd like to buy it. He was a man of his word. One of the genuinely nicest, coolest, smartest, and most laid back guys I've ever known.

I'm honored for the opportunity to have had the chance to carry on what he so passionately admired. By far the best car I've ever driven!! I will do whatever I can to keep the car as nice as he did.

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