Thursday, July 06, 2017

An Airstream adventure in NYC is being chronicled, and the latest installment has a very important message. When the battery is in "store" mode, the auto closing roof vent rain sensor doesn't actuate the closing mechanism. Your bed will get rained on

You keep those roof vents open all the time during the summer, in New York.  The downside? When it rains, that's a little problem in the forward vent, which opens over the dining/kitchen area. But the big problem is with the aft vent, which is right over the bed.

If you leave the trailer and a rainstorm starts, you're coming home to a sopping mattress, blankets and pillows.

But in their decades of perfecting the camper trailer, Airstream has found a solution.

 If the rain starts, a sensor is now part of the Airstream vent that will automatically close them, saving your vacation or long weekend.

According to Airstream engineer Mike Goetz, there is a rain sensor on the roof "like a set of fingers, side by side, that when a drop of water hits them, it completes the circuit and causes the vent lid to close."

But beware, this system does not work when the battery is in "store" mode.

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