Thursday, July 06, 2017

Sexist bullshit still thriving in bicycling marketing. It's actually hard to believe these outrageous things happened in the last 24 months

Bikini models at the podium, of a woman's bike race from Antwerp to Nijlen, the penultimate stage of the Lotto Cycling Cup.. GTFOH, what idiot arranged that? Answer: Lotto Cycling Cup was the race organizer, and they hired Hostessen Service No Limit . It was the 2015 Flanders Diamond Tour

Czech Republic bike company published the above advertisement in the Summer of 2015, the description of the Modo line read,
“Female cyclists do not generally need to push their limits, race against time, and increase their adrenaline when riding down downhill trails. They just want to enjoy the time spent in nature on the bike, and their expectations on the bike are completely different from the men’s. They look mainly for safe, easy, and of course, stylish bikes that have god, natural handling.”


  1. I was 9in and out of Czechoslovakia and (after the breakupI Slovakia & The Czech Republic, only in part because of their great beer. When the wall fell, and a lot of private enterprises flourished, it seemed like everyone had to have nude women on their business cars. Everyone, even the company producing crystal chandeliers, that I knew of.

    1. I am good with naked women on most anything, for most any reason.... but it's effing stupid to have bikini women at a podium for women bikers, unless it's a lesbian race. Then, hey, ladies, enjoy the view! But the sexist crap written up about the women's bikes? That's some horseshit right there. If women want bikini guys for their podium, all righty, that's fair. If they want men holding the umbrella for them at F1, well then that's fine to. But as of yet, women just don't race in anything with enough numbers as they seem to be physically outmatched in most sports where muscle is a deciding factor. I'm all for removing the gender barrier, and having the best athletes compete, but the women won't go for it yet, it's still so muscle based in so many sports that there aren't any physically superior women who could - and would - getting into those sports that could beat the best male competitor. I should think women would be equal in gymnastics, or superior, and in tennis, baseball, and speed skating. Archery and rifle for sure, and probably in sports car driving. But, they don't seem to have had the numbers of women willing to compete without the barrier to make that a real thing yet.