Monday, July 03, 2017

Original owner still has it, still says he will get to fixing it up someday. Sure you will, just make sure when you die it's not going to the county because you didn't include it in a will.

if you don't immediately know what this is, well, the hood scoop alone is enough to tell you the engine is a 440 six pack. The sides of the car? They are enough to tell you it's a Plymouth Road Runner. That makes this a 1969 A12 optioned car. Rare, and worth about 80 thou restored, and about 50 thou as is. Maybe more if the buyer wants the garage dust and original unrestored patina.


  1. Hood scoop? I don't see a hood scoop. All I see on the sides which are red and dirty. How come you mopar guys are so condescending?

  2. No, just stupid, that comment was supposed to go with the Hemi satellite and A-12 in the barn. Now excuse me while I go hide under the leaf pile over there. :o)

    1. HA! Wrong post? Lol... you're killing me Smalls