Monday, May 22, 2017

Why were the fuel filler necks on opposite sides of Challengers and Chargers? How did that make sense? But Coronets and Super Bees had them in the middle behind the license plate

Just seems to be a strange decision to make Dodge cars with 3 very different places for filling up the gas tank.

Anyone know why?

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  1. Im led to believe that regarding US vehicles, the filler went from the left to the right to remove the risks associated with filling up on the traffic side with a jerry can. The right side is away from passing vehicles.

    The rear centre filler was phased out and is now illegal because of rear end accidents. When hit the filler snaps off and gushes fuel.

    I also understand that the only guidelines for designers now is that it must be at the widest part of the vehicle away from any crumple zones and must not be able to drip onto anything electrical or hot like an exhaust.