Thursday, May 25, 2017

Polaris and its partners are offering up the chance to win a variety of prizes, including a Diesel Brother's Polaris RZR Turbo.

Above, Juan Dominguez and the Diesel Brothers Polaris RZR turbo

The Polars RZR Salute to Heroes campaign is an important fund-raiser for the Warfighter Made (WFM) organization.

The Warfighter Made leads several powerful programs for wounded veterans. The goal and focus is the customization of combat wounded veteran’s vehicles, so they can continue doing the things they enjoy.

"The greatest thing about Warfighter Made is helping a vet who is very closed off to the world,” says Dominguez. “To see a vet go out on a recreational therapy trip and basically come back with a smile - that’s everything to us. Our campaign is to stop all the (veteran) suicides.”

Polaris RZR has also been a huge part in helping promote and support this amazing organization and this year they went to the next level with the RZR Salute To Heroes Campaign. Polaris kicked this campaign off alongside all of their partners to help raise dollars and awareness for Warfighter Made and in the process have put together some amazing prizes to encourage and reward those who donate.

This is the last week to donate through the “RZR Salute to Heroes”­ website. Those who donate will be entered to win one of 17 prizes, including the custom military themed RZR XP Turbo EPS grand prize!  DONATE HERE with paypal
In addition to donating, for every picture of a RZR, a RZR Life story, and #RZRLife or #RZRSalutetoHeroes post on social media, RZR will donate $5— up to $25,000 — directly to Warfighter Made!

The “RZR Salute to Heroes” campaign ends at 11:59 p.m. CST, on May 29.

The Diesel Brother’s inspiration for the build came from the Polaris DAGOR and a few other DPV (desert patrol vehicles). They wanted to build something similar to what the military has used for years to quickly maneuver through off-road obstacles and insert troops. To make the vehicle as durable as possible, they coated the entire exterior in a Coyote Tan LINE-X bed liner.

The vehicle features:

Sparks Motors/Diesel Brothers (design/build) (sourcing/design)
CageWRX (cage, suspension, tire carrier and bumper)
Walker Evans Racing (shocks and wheels)
Heretic Lighting
BFGoodrich Tires
Nav-Atlas (navigation and stereo)
Assault Industries (mirrors, fire suppression and accessories)
SPARKS Racing (exhaust)
RCV Axles

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